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Shoot like the Pro's with live professional style filters and effects on your iPhone & iPad

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Available exclusively on the App Store
Formatt Photo available in the App Store

Formatt Photo

Formatt Photo is your key to stunning iOS images Formatt Photo & Formatt Video come complete with over 100+ real-time Filters & Effects. Use professional style filters on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, live, with dramatic results. With our intuitive interface you can control focus, touch-and-hold exposure lock, tap-and-focus lock and real-time filters - allowing you to create stunning images. Take control of your iOS photography and videography with Formatt Photo & Formatt Video.

  • Elegant design

    Filters & Effects. Over 100+ Filters and Effects. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Perfect for portraits and outdoors.

  • Easy to use

    Get even more creative with Formatt Photo & Formatt Video. We've made it so you can start using the app instantly. Intuitive, Easy & Powerful.

  • Tons of features

    Focus & Exposure Locks. Touch & hold to set Exposure. Tap to set your Focus. It locks to your setting, no matter where you repoint your camera.

  • Professional Gear

    2 Cameras. 100+ filters. Take a picture with either of the built in front facing or rear cameras. Formatt Photo and Effects work seamlessly with both.

  • Available Now

    Instant Upload. Share your photos instantly & real time on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr? Yep - simultaneously - with Formatt Photo Instant Upload

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"When I first heard how many filters were on The FormattPhoto App, I thought I'm going to need bigger pockets."



"The FormattPhoto App quickly made it's way to my #1 smartphone camera app after its first use."



"There are many many camera apps out there but the filters app stunned me by first of all being able to focus and set exposure but also being able to use ND filters, plus it has some killer retro looks."


Simple. Elegant. Intuitive. Focus on the image, not the device.

Formatt Photo
Formatt Photo
Formatt Photo
Formatt Photo
Formatt Photo
Formatt Photo
Formatt Photo
Formatt Photo


Want to take better iPhoneography? Over 100+ filters and effects. Comes complete with no sneaky in-app purchases! Free support and complete manuals.